" Dream of Victory" Poster

" Dream of Victory" Poster

Oliver Rouse
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This poster is to celebrate the world's Largest aircraft from the Ukraine.
Oliver has made this poster to raise awareness and funds for the people of the Ukraine at this difficult time.
The Antonov AN-225 "Mriya" was the worlds largest aircraft, designed and built in the 1980s by the Soviet Union in Ukraine. The leviathan aircraft's purpose was to carry the Buran Class orbiters on her back for the Soviet space programme. 

Two AN-225 aircraft were ordered but only one was completed and was destroyed in the Battle of Hostomel Airport in Kyiv on 24th Feburary 2022. 

The second however is in storage 70% complete, ready to be assembled. 
The completed AN-225 held the registration CCCP-82060, this was changed when the Soviet Union fell and became UR-82060. 

Her first flight was 21st December 1988. "Mriya" is Ukrainian for Dream, her NATO reporting callsign is COSSACK. The aircraft was and still is a symbol of dreams and achievement of Ukraine

The aircrafts wingspan measured 88.4m long, cargo capacity 253.820 tonnes, fuselage length 84m Height: 18.1m.
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