The Re Store

Who are we?

THE RE STORE is a social enterprise working under the management of the charity West End Impact. THE RE STORE specialises in art and hand-made crafts, with an ethos of sustainability. Our art practitioner helps people to get creative and develop their products to a standard where they are ready to sell. This is done through one-to-one mentoring and various workshops for printmaking, watercolours, crochet. We provide a platform to sell the products in store and online. Many of the items are made from surplus stock, re-cycled or eco-friendly materials. We also exhibit the work of many local artists who love to support our work and sell in store. 

What do we do?

We believe in helping people who are struggling to reach their full potential by giving placement opportunity to the unemployed. Giving retail experience and help to develop creative arts and crafts and gain AQA qualifications in many creative subjects. 

Remember when you buy at THE RE STORE you are helping support the other services we provide as a charity at West End Impact. Find out more at