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Tiger's Eye Gua Sha

Tiger's Eye Gua Sha

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Moods unique Tigers Eye Gua Sha is made of 100% real gemstone. Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique that offers a natural way of improving your health. Use the Gua Sha stone to massage face, shoulders, arms or legs. It will enhance the skin's blood circulation. As a result, toxins get released, irregularities diminish and your skin will recover its natural healthy glow. A Gua Sha can also give a natural face lift as it sculpts your face. 

How to use:

Scrape the skin by using short and long stokes towards the body's lymphatic drainage points and/or along with the muscles. Read our 'How to use a Gua Sha' blog. 

Gemstone poperties:

Tiger's eye is a stone of protection and can also bring happiness. It balances the Yin-Yang and sets the emotional body in motion. Tiger's Eye stabilizes mood swings, permeates us with willpower, focus, courage and self-confidence, and releases tension. It is a stone that can give you courage, peace of mind and confidence to tackle everything that meets your needs. It encourages action and helps you make decisions.

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